Robin Hood’s Bay Sea Wall Mosaic

Throughout 2016 I  worked on a 50 metre Robin Hood’s Bay mosaic that was commissioned by the North Yorkshire Moors National Park.

The mosaic runs along the sea wall in the bay on the east coast of Yorkshire. It follows a time line from the Jurassic period to the present day featuring lots of subjects relevant to the Bay, smuggling, shipwrecks, storms, fishing, industry, wildlife, tourism to name just a few. Here’s a small selection of 50 metres’ worth.

Plesiosaur Mosaic at Robin Hood's Bay Sea Wall

Plesiosaur, the beginning of the mosaic

A community knitted together Robin Hood's Bay Mosaic Sea Wall

A community knitted together in Robin Hood’s Bay

Jurassic foliage on Dinosaur footprint

Boggle Hole Mosaic Robin Hood's Bay Sea Wall

Boggle Hole Mosaic Robin Hood’s Bay Sea Wall

J.B.Priestly quote Robin Hood's Bay Sea Wall Mosaic

A quote from J.B.Priestly forms part of the wall mosaic.

A section of the sea wall artwork

A section of the Bay wall mosaic.

Victorian Railway Poster mosaic detail

Victorian Railway Poster section

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