Mosaic Kitchen Splashbacks

These mosaic kitchen splashbacks were designed to be functional yet also stand alone as a piece of art work. Something that would look great framed on a wall if not being used.

Winter Owl Mosaic Aga splashback

Winter Owl Mosaic Aga splashback

Detail of splashback mosaic

Detail of Mosaic

Owl detail

Detail of Mosaic

Owl mosaic

Detail of Mosaic

I work with the customer to create a piece that fits in with their kitchen design and which is also something that is personal to them. This can be a local scene, a favourite artist/image/painting, portraits of people or pets, or a design idea that incorporates lots of elements.

Detailed mosaic kitchen splashback

Tree of Life mosaic kitchen splashback

The mosaic kitchen splashbacks are all made with easy to clean and maintain materials and can be permanently attached to the wall or created on a wood backing that can be transportable should you move and want to take it with you.

I am drawn to this particular area at the moment and will be developing many more, so if you would like to commission a functional, unique artistic mosaic splashback then do get in touch.

Hare and Fox splashback mosaic

Hare and Fox kitchen splashback mosaic